Golf Course Dress Code

Proper golf attire is requires for all players while using the golf course or practice facilities. Proper attire shall mean the following:

Men: Shirts with collars and sleeves, and slacks or Bermuda shorts of mid-thigh length are considered appropriate attire. Tank tops, tee shirts, mesh shirts, sweatpants, warm-up suits, denim, swimwear, cut-offs, tennis outfits, athletic shorts, and cargo shorts are not permitted.

Women: Dresses, skirts, slacks, mid-length shorts, and blouses are considered appropriate attire. Halter tops, tank tops, tee shirts, cut-offs, sweatpants, warm-up suits, denim, swimwear, tennis dresses, or other athletic shorts are not permitted. Leggings are not permitted unless worn under a golf skirt, skort, or shorts.

Golf Shoes: Shoes with metal spikes are not allowed at The Club. Shoes with "soft spikes" or spikeless shoes must be worn by all golfers.

Hats: Hats must be worn forward on the golf course, driving range, and practice facilities. Headwear must be removed before entering the second level of the Clubhouse.

This dress code is mandatory for all players. Improperly dressed golfers shall be asked to change before playing. If you are in doubt concerning your attire, please check with the Golf Shop before starting play.